LOTTO 6/49
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WIN $100,000 FOR LIFE

A National Promotion by Lotto 649 to Win $100,000 A Year For Life.

During the Month of October, 2011, an additional six numbers will be drawn immediately after the 6/49 draw.

If your ticket matches all six numbers, your prize will be $100,000 each year for life. Instead of the yearly prize, you can choose to take a lump sum of $1.5 Million.

That's one ticket with two possible prizes!!!

$100,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE
Lotto 6/49 Promotion Prizes
October, 2011

DateWinning NumbersWinner(s)
Oct 011219222644470
Oct 050711121630410
Oct 080923294243470
Oct 121015161823261 BC
Oct 150113152026411 Ont
Oct 190507111724480
Oct 221017204146480
Oct 260522234044480
Oct 291621243135391 Ont

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