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It's that hated time of year again when everyone is getting "sicker than a dog" - with the stomach-heaving-crawling-on-the-bathroom-floor-hugging-the-sides-of-the-white-telephone retching that just wouldn't stop - and nothing coming up. Or the watery-never-ending diarrhea that is constantly confusing you as to which end of your body you need to stick on the toilet. You're so sick, with fever and dehydration, you're willing to try any concocted home remedy because the wise owl Health professionals tell you that you have the flu and there's nothing short of miracles that will help.


Do you have the flu or the dreaded "CRYPTO"?

WHAT? You don't know what Crypto is?

Shame on you!! You're possibly drinking that filthy little parasite every day - even though you're being assured by your trusty municipal officials that the clean looking water supply is the best in the world.

WELL, that's not the case.

Most municipal drinking water comes from local lakes and rivers - called "surface water" where any disgusting parasites and other happy surface bugs can and do find a welcoming home.


Ha,ha. That's a laugh!

Chlorine, regardless of the dosage, has no effect on the Cryptosporidium parasite. So if you taste a higher dose of chlorine during times of excess rain as a result of your municipality increasing the life saving chlorine levels to combat the "bugs" in the increased runoff and you think you can now noisily slurp down the "safe" water --


The only effective treatment is boiling for at least a minute (and the boiling has to be rolling boiling), filtering your water with a filter that has an absolute pore size of 1 micron or less and distilling the water.

Municipalities just do not have the abundant financial resources or political guts to filter your drinking water with total parasitic eliminating filters.

"Ah!", you say, "my doctor knows the difference!"

Good luck on that one too! Crypto can only be diagnosed through an examination of stool samples over several days. Good luck on getting those runny watery stool samples!

PLUS, can you imagine the unbelievable workload the diagnostic labs would have?

Nope, ain't going to happen.

You've just become a so-called flu number.

NOW, what about those municipalities that are dumping their poorly treated sewage, resulting from all their crypto-disease-transmitting-puking-diarrhea residents,into the drinking-water rivers and lakes above your municipality?! How accountable are they?

Then there's the wintertime.

The permeable soils are frozen solid. Their parasitic-filtering abilities are off-line. So guess what happens to the runoff from the melting snow, especially if you happen to live where there's lots of parasitic-gushing livestock or wildlife?

--Saturday, December 20, 2008, by Gerald Tooley

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