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Did you know:

That in the Province of British Columbia, the Crown owns 93% of all the land.

That this land is currently being claimed by First Nations.

That since the early 1900's, the Province has tried to extinguish these claims through law, assimilation, starvation and economic deprivation.

That the Courts have ruled that the First Nations have a legal claim to these lands, waters and resources.

That as a result of the Court decisions, the Province of British Columbia is rushing to create all kinds of legal and contractual agreements with the First Nations through:

Agreements in Principle (including Extension Agreements, Benefits Agreements and Mineral Protocol Agreements);
Memorandums of Understanding;
Incremental Treaty Agreements;
Final Agreements (only 1);
Treaties (only 1);
Reconciliation, Settlement and Benefits Agreements;
Reconciliation Protocol;
The New Relationship.

That the "native-rights" bill proposed by the Province of British Columbia, called the "Recognition and Reconciliation Act" will:

Recognize aboriginal rights and title for each First Nation without proof;
Aboriginal Title will co-exist with Crown Title;
Agreements for revenue sharing will be established on land use and resource development.

Makes a person wonder if the Provincial Government isn't trying every legal tactic to constitute ownership over land claims before the First Nations realize that they "own" enough land to declare their own Country.

--June 27, 2009

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